Swimming and Playing Ball - A Bowwow Bestie Favorite In The Dog House

Fun environment for your dog to engage in healthy activities

7200 square feet of doggone fun to romp and play!

Our facility provides the perfect combination of inside and outside play spaces for your dog to choose from so they can decide where and with whom they want to play. With loads of custom dog play structures, doggie splash pools, and a supervised swimming pool designed just for dogs, there is lots of engagement for our dogs to thrive.  Our K9 grass surfaces provide a great place to roll and play.  Your bowwow bestie will LOVE days with us!

Separate Play Groups

Doggie playgroups are organized with a dog’s size, breed, and temperament in mind, and are continually supervised by our trained team. A yorkie should not play in the same group with a german shepherd, and each will have their separate play spaces.  Our pups can enjoy tiny town, rough and ready, or senior city depending on their play styles.

Playing is rough work – just ask our dogs! We need to make it safe. And we’ve remodeled facility has been designed to surpass the most stringent boarding and daycare standards and includes all the things you would want and expect from a 5-star facility.  And if there’s ever a bump along the way, we have a veterinary technician on staff and our team members are certified in canine CPR and First Aid.

We are YOUR go-to #1 Doggie Daycare serving the Charleston area — including Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant, Clements Ferry, and beyond!

Would you like your pup to visit our Groomer while they’re here? Head on over to the Dog Grooming page to learn how!

Are you looking for Long Term Doggy Daycare? Go Beyond Boarding and check out our K9 Boarding page for all the information!

Doggie Daycare

Full Day of Daycare

1 dog $25/day

2 dogs  (same owner)  $24/day per dog

Full-Day Daycare offers:

  1. Full day of supervised group play and exercise
  2. Separate play areas for active, senior, and small dogs
  3. A full sized supervised swimming pool
  4. Splash pools, professional play structures and tons of toys
  5. Engaging daily activities
  6. Great for anxious, destructive dogs, and busy parents
  7. Opportunity for puppy and rescue dog socialization

Full-Day Daycare Packages

5 Day Pass       $120

10 Day Pass     $230

15 Day Pass     $315

20 Day Pass     $420

30 Consecutive Days Pass     $455

Full-Day Daycare Packages offer:

  1. Multiple days of group play and exercise
  2. Reduced daily rate
  3. Six month expiration period
  4. A full sized supervised swimming pool
  5. Separate play areas for active, senior, and small dogs
  6. Easy check in and check out

Half Day of Daycare

$17 per half day for one dog

Half-Day Daycare offers:

  1. Shorter period of group play and exercise
  2. Morning or afternoon play sessions available
  3. Great for older and less active dogs
  4. Good opportunity for socialization
  5. Separate play areas for active, senior, and small dogs
  6. Lots of opportunities for engaged, safe play
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