Terriers love it In The Dog House, Charleston, SC

The Dog House is a locally-owned and operated pet boarding facility that understands all aspects of pet welfare and behavior. Our staff is filled with long-term, tenured animal handlers who are trained in canine behavior and care. Take a look at the top 10 reasons we are the #1 Dog Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming facility in the greater Charleston area.

Animal welfare experience you can trust

Our facility is locally owned and operated by a twenty-five-year veteran of the pet care industry who understands all aspects of pet welfare and behavior. She is joined by a veteran, tenured staff with twenty-plus years of animal experience, including a staff veterinary technician.

Remodeled 7,200 square feet of doggone fun

With both climate-controlled indoor space and lots of outdoor space covered in K9 grass for dogs to romp and roll, we provide the perfect vacation environment for your dog.  With specially designed dog play structures and toys to engage your dog in play. In the warm Charleston summers, our dogs can swim and play the day away in our full-size swimming pool designed just for doggies during dog daycare and dog boarding visits.

Locally owned and operated small business

We are not a franchise or a chain. We are locally owned and operated. It makes a huge difference when there is an active, engaged owner you can trust to care for your pet on-site daily and supervise care.

Tenured, experienced, animal-crazy staff

Our staff is filled with long-term, tenured animal handlers who are trained in canine behavior and care.   In all, twenty-six dogs and a variety of other animals are members of the Dog House staff’s extended pack.  We carefully select the best dog groomers to ensure special care is taken with each pup during their Spaw session!

Boarding flexibility

With accommodations for every budget, we make it easy to pamper your pet. Book our deluxe dog boarding, upgrade to a luxury pup suite, or let your dog enjoy cage-less slumber boarding.  Your dog receives the same love and care in each of our pup boarding options.

Separate play areas

Dachshunds shouldn’t need to play with rottweilers. We have separate play areas for all sizes of dogs and group dogs together based on size, age, and temperament. From Tiny Town to Senior City to Just Chillin’ to Rough and Rowdy, we strive to provide the absolute best environment for your individual dog’s needs.

Safety is our priority

Playing is rough work – just ask our dogs! We need to make it safe. And we’ve designed and remodeled our facility in adherence to best-in-class quality standards for dog daycare and boarding facilities.  And if there’s ever a bump along the way, we have a veterinary technician on staff, and our team members are certified in canine CPR and First Aid.

Super clean, sanitary environment

We utilize the very best and newest veterinary quality technologies to clean and sanitize our facility, including an AQUA-Air kennel cleaning system and air scrubbers to reduce airborne and surface contaminants, bacteria, and viruses.

We give back to our community

Because we love all animals, it’s not enough for us to ensure that only your dog has an awesome life. We think it’s important to provide for pets in need or in jeopardy. We make contributions to local animal rescue groups and assist in their life-saving work through foster and adoption programs.

Our Promise

We delight our clients and their dogs by providing trusted, best-in-class pet care and individual attention in an environment just like home.